Pocket Atari


More than five months without news... Sorry about that, I just got too busy with my day job. Don't worry, neither of my projects is abandoned. It's just that in addition to being very busy I did not see real point in updating either of them. Summer is slow time for most open source projects and Atari800 and Sarien do not make exceptions.
I could not get solid confirmation for those reports about Pocket Atari slowdowns. In any case two last versions will remain available.

Just got some reports that the new version of Pocket Atari is actually slower than the previous one on some devices (Casio EM500), and there are other issues as well. I am not seeing slowdowns on iPAQ but there a few things that are definitely broken. I will investigate the problem and post fixed version as soon as possible. Meanwhile, try it, and if it does not work for you, use previous version.

New version of Pocket Atari is here at last! There is only one improvement in this version but very important one: it is much faster. On my iPAQ 3635 I am getting practically full speed with sound and linear filtering enabled without frameskip! Try it and let me know what you think.

PocketSarien update is available. The crash in Police Quest is gone. Multislot savegame code got rearranged again. A few bugs were fixed in process.

New and improved version of PocketSarien is up. Multiple savegame slots are now available! Other important changes include finally working Restart, disabled manual protection in a few games, and quite a few small core fixes. The bug that killed sound after exiting game from the game menu is also gone. Have fun!

Big update. New version of PocketAtari is available. Most important changes in this version: support for all existing video modes (color, monochrome, palette); optional linear filtering (as seen in PocketSarien); cleaned-up UI (removed confusing and non-working items, added more settings); changed button assignments (Casio users should be happy); fixed compatibility issues with PocketPC 2002; support for Targus Stowaway keyboard and QPad joystick (highly recommended item for iPAQ users); many smaller fixes.
More. The last posted version of PocketSarien had pretty bad bug in savegame code. It should be fixed now. New version is available in Downloads section. Side note: save game screen looks like it might support multiple saved games. It does not yet but you can see that there is some work in progress there.

I have compiled PocketAtari from Atari800 1.2.2 sources. These binaries will be posted on Atari800 SourceForge site shortly. If you decide to play with it keep in mind that it is somewhat slower than the version 1.0 posted here. This is unfortunate side effect of certain visual enhancements. I will try to fix this and a couple of other minor issues before posting binaries on this site.

New version of PocketSarien is avalable in Downloads. A few more bugs fixed and one important feature added. PocketSarien now runs on 256-color devices (HP Jornada 525).

Apparently, I was too busy lately. Sorry, no new releases here today, but I still have some news. Both Atari800 and Sarien projects had "official" releases in last couple of weeks. Sarien is now at 0.7 and Atari800 1.2.1 got released just a few minutes ago. Atari800 moved to SourceForge. Both PocketAtari and PocketSarien can be compiled from current source distributions. PocketAtari still needs some work before I can make a new release. Two things: performance and UI. That's all for today. Have a Happy New Year!

Pocket Sarien Revision 4 released. The most important changes are: finally fixed save/load code and monochrome device support. After that many revisions I cannot call the project "unsupported" anymore. Thanks to everybody for the great feedback. Special thanks to Oleg Zakharov for his endless hours of bug hunting and to Patrik (sorry, don't have his last name) for testing Pocket Sarien on monochrome iPAQ.
Still not much progress on Pocket Atari. I am planning to release refresh build in a few weeks but nothing dramatically different there. After all, that project was pretty solid from the beginning. I am still hoping to get some performance boost.

Pocket Sarien SR1 released. This Service Release fixes nasty save/load bug. Download it from Downloads section. The save/restore is not perfect yet (character may be restored on the wrong spot of the scene) but at least it works.

Pocket Sarien Revision 3 has been uploaded to the usual spot. It is much more stable, easier to use and looks better too. Give it a try!
The most important changes: major memory leak fixed; crash in "shake_screen" fixed; keyboard usability issues fixed; linear filter to improve graphics quality; a lot of other fixes.

Pocket Sarien has been updated to Revision 2. Download it from Downloads section. Essentially, it is now in sync with the parent project. Also, source code was integrated into main CVS repository at SourceForge. Check Sarien site for a nice shot of iPAQ running Pocket Sarien.

News! No, it's not new version of Pocket Atari, it is not even Atari-related, but it is still emulation-related, sort of. If you ever played old Sierra games, like King's Quest or Leisure Suit Larry, you will like this one. Pocket PC port of open-source AGI interpreter Sarien is available in Downloads section.

Small status update. Last weeks were very busy. I had only a few hours to work on Pocket Atari, so no big news there. Still thinking about good design for UI replacement. File Browse dialog is functional; why did MS break FileOpenDialog in WinCE is beyond my comprehension. A few minor bugs fixed (Jumpman works). There were a few changes in core Atari800 code. Apparently, Atari5200 cartridge code was quite broken, now it's fixed.

Updated Downloads page. Apparently, MIPS build can be considered working by now. I got quite a few reports and the only two major issues there are speed (which is not perfect in ARM build either but I still don't know if I can do anything with that), and my assumption that all devices have more or less the same controls (Casio is missing Start button).
I am still working on the next version. No promises about release date, I am quite busy these days. Let's say, it will be out when it's ready.

Site opens. The first public version (1.0) is available for download.